From waste to energy
Pig Manure Digestion

Pig farmers face mounting regulation to control odors, air emissions and water quality issues. By applying Biogas Energy anaerobic digestion solutions to pig manure management, these issues can be alleviated while turning a problem into a revenue source.

Bigoas Energy's anaerobic digestion technology is the right solution to deliver
  • Unsurpassed biogas production efficiency
  • Low operations costs and minimal oversight
  • Full integration into existing manure handling operations
  • Significant reductions in land applied nutrients
  • Near elimination of air emissions and odors
  • Superior quality of water discharge
Biogas Energy's team of professionals makes the process simple with
  • The highest level of customer service
  • Detailed assistance with all phases of a project
  • Ongoing support for all installations
  • Collaborative solutions to fit the customer's needs
  • A clear understanding of the issues facing dairies today
  • Experience in getting jobs done in the US right the first time
Anaerobic digestion for pig manure
No matter what the solids content of the manure from the pig farm, Biogas Energy has the cost effective anaerobic digestion solution. Contact us for more information on how we can get your pig farm digester up and running in no time.

How Biogas Energy digesters help the pig farm
Biogas Energy digester technology was first implemented for pig farms and dairies to get more value out of their manure. Through the anaerobic digestion process, volatile organic compounds are reduced, thereby reducing odors in the manure and lagoon. Nutrients are mineralized to make them easier for plant uptake. But most of all, the digesters extract the most biogas from the manure, and that means the most electricity too. Typically more power is produced than can be used on site, so surplus is wheeled to the local utility who pays the farmer for the electricity.
The benefits of Biogas Energy digesters for pig farms:
  • Maximize biogas production from manure
  • Add additional substrate like energy crops, feed overages, grease, glycerine, and more to increase gas production
  • Cut lagoon maintenance & manure management costs
  • Eliminate air emissions issues
  • Eliminate water quality issues
. Biogas Energy digesters are 30-100% more efficient in producing energy than other digesters. That fact, coupled with the ability to take a variety of waste input means Biogas Energy facilities generate far superior revenue over time. Please see our Advantages of Biogas Energy anaerobic digestion technology page for more information.

Ease of operations for busy farmers
Farmers don't have the time or resources to manage complex digester technologies, so we made sure ours is simple to run, reliable, and low maintenance. All processes are monitored and controlled via computer from anywhere in the world, and automated alerts and notifications make monitoring a breeze. Biogas Energy digesters are designed for the minimal human interaction possible. But when issues do arise, access to the tank is as simple as folding back the flexible roof: no concrete roof or cumbersome covered lagoon to mess with. Biogas Energy takes pride in our ability to tailor-fit our digester systems into the particular farm's existing operations without forcing the dairyman to change his normal operations.
An anaerobic digester should be simple to operate, reliable, and flexible to fit any situation. That's Biogas Energy.

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