From waste to energy

Who we are

Biogas Energy is a full service anaerobic digestion construction company bringing the most tried and tested waste-to-energy technologies to North America.

Biogas Energy technology extracts methane from organic wastes such as dairy manure, pig manure, food waste, energy crops, and more. Combining energy production with waste management, Biogas Energy has the right solution for your application.

Biogas can be upgraded and inserted into natural gas pipelines or burned as fuel in a power generation facility. It can even be used as a vehicle fuel!

Biogas Energy will help you understand your options to make the most profitable, environmentally sound choices. Let our team equip you with the knowledge and technology you need to turn your wastes into energy.

Waste to Energy
Convert today's waste problems into revenue by producing clean, renewable energy. Cut disposal and treatment costs while opening a new opportunity for adding to the bottom line... more

Biogas Energy provides complete turnkey anaerobic digestion project services, from design to construction and commissioning. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and deliver a solution to meet your exact needs... more

What we do

Biogas Energy builds anaerobic digesters for:

Just about any waste stream containing organic matter is a candidate for Biogas Energy's anaerobic digestion techology.
The biogas can be used to generate electricity or it can be cleaned and used as vehicle fuel, injected into natural gas pipelines, and more.

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Our technology was featured on CBS News.

Check with us. We'll show you how to turn your waste into energy... more

Biogas Energy has the tools you need to start your project right. From financial planning to permits, let us help you... more